Starter, main and dessert: 24,50 €

Main dish and dessert: 19,50 €

( Includes: bread, water,

glass of wine or beer) 


*The menu is served from

Tuesday to Friday for




Almond Ajoblanco

cantaloupe melon tartare


Foie gras ice cream

spice bread and figs


Horta de Tramuntana

mini organic vegetables

and beetroot romesco


Veal carpaccio cannelloni

mushroom mousse

and crispy parmesan


Marinate salmon

sashimi with dill

sesame and soy vinaigrette

with tosaka seaweed



Suquet of squid fritters

and fennel

Traditional recipe of

the town of Blanes


Teppanyaki fish

from fish market

violet ratte potato

in textures


Roasted chicken “pastilla”

Scalloped and satin eggplant


Lacon with cachelos

smoked paprika oil


Ice cream and sorbets

according to season


Natural pineapple soup

with coconut ice cream


“Fuet” dark chocolate

with almonds

croissant toast


Vine peach confit

to muscat 

homemade sweet

almond ice cream


Cream stuffed french

toast “Torrija”

and his Grand Marnier

ice cream

*Any allergies or

intolerances communicate

them to our staff.

We have available the

technical sheets

of each dish for

allergies and intolerances.