Gillardeau Oyster Nº2    4 €/unit

chipotle and passion fruit ponzu


Our veal tartar  20 €

old mustard and soufflé bread


Sautéed porcini mushrooms and

squid from Roses  24 €

aromatic herb oil


Sautéed Lactarius deliciosus

with pork  18 €

with garlic and parsley oil cocotte


Lobster from Cap de Creus

(to order)




Prawn ravioli   4,5 €/Unit

mushrooms “duxelle” and

mushrooms oil  


“Patatas bravas”  8,5 €

traditional brava sauce and Sumac  


 ECO “Horta de Tramuntana”  16 €

vegetables and beet romesco


Carpaccio of Sea bass  21 €

with Plankton 

colorful mayonnaise with

citrus fruits and Gochugaru oil


Sirloin of Wagyu 

Empordanès carpaccio 22 €

vinaigrette of Wagyu juice, parmesan

and arugula


Grilled octopus bread  18 €

and melted Tetilla cheese  

with aromatic oil ” a feira “


Sacallop ceviche ” Nayarit” style  21 €

lime, coriander, chipotle chile and

red onion  





Lobster rice 42 €

with his salad


Roasted fish from the market

with eco vegetables from Pau


Lobster parmentier  38 €

with bisque  


Roast suckling pig D.O. Segovia  26 €

crispy skin, cumin carrot

purée and salad  


Veal cheek  20 €

cooked at low temperature  

with parmentier   


Sweetbread with prawns

from Roses 24 €

Xerez and organic mini

vegetables from Pau




Homemade ice cream and sorbets 9 €

according to season  


Chocolate fritters 

“Santi Santamaría” 12 €

and their coconut ice cream  


Passion fruit raviolis 1 2 €

with tonka beans ice cream


Homemade cottage cheese  12 €

with natural figs 

toasted pistachio praline ice cream


” Secret chocolate “  14 €

Valrhona Guanaja chocolate coulant

70% cocoa and  saffron, vanilla and

rum ice cream    


VAT included



Any allergy or

intolerance, comunicate

to waiter

We have at your disposal the

technical specifications of each dish

for allergies and intolerances.