“Piparras” from the Basque Country  8 €


Fish ” Llorito ”  6 €/unit

with smoked paprika




Gillardeau Oysters  4 € / Unit

passion fruit ponzu sauce


“Tataki-roll” of tuna  21 € 

soy, sesame and

kalamansi mayonnaise


Prawn ravioli  4,5 € / Unit 

mushrooms “duxelle” and

mushrooms oil


“Patates bravas”  8,5 €

traditional brava sauce and Sumac


 ECO “Horta de Tramuntana” 16 €

vegetables and beet romesco


Eggplant cream and egg 14 €

rock octopus and pepper oil



Market fish and vegetables 28 €

fresh curry herbs


Lobster parmentier  38 € 

“sofrito” and its own bisque


Roast suckling pig D.O. Segovia  21 €

crispy skin, cumin carrot purée


Veal cheek  18 €

cooked at low temperature

with parmentier


Beef steak in the salt crust (350gr.)  26 €

flamed rosemary and potato “Sabbiose”




Homemade ice cream and sorbets  8€

according to season


Passion fruit raviolis  10 €

with vanilla ice cream


Chocolate fritters   12 €

“Santi Santamaría” 

and their coconut ice cream


“The Balancer”  12 €

pistachios, orange blossom

and lavender


Cold peach and rum soup  10 €

“luisa grass” ice cream and broken baba


VAT included


Any allergy or

intolerance, comunicate

to waiter

We have at your disposal the

technical specifications of each dish

for allergies and intolerances.