Jordi and Carina are a couple who have worked tirelessly together for many years. Now, at the helm of the Sumac Restaurant, they offer an exclusive space where they convey unique sensations. With their delicate palate and personal touch, they create an exceptional culinary experience that delights both the palate and the hearts of those who visit their restaurant.

The young and experienced team at Sumac joins forces with enthusiasm to face new challenges and opportunities, bringing a fresh perspective and a solid track record. With a proactive attitude and an innovative mindset, they are committed to offering creative and effective solutions to meet the needs of customers.



Leading the kitchen is Jordi Dalmau, who has worked at Celler de Matadepera ★ (Terrassa), Sant Pau ★ ★   (Carme Ruscalleda, Sant Pol de Mar), El Racó de Can Fabes ★ ★ ★ (Santi Santamaria, Sant Celoni), Santceloni ★ ★ (Oscar Velasco and Abel Valverde, Madrid), Restaurant EVO ★ (Ismael Alegria, Hospitalet de Llobregat), Ossiano (Dubai), and Hotel Mas Lazuli (Pau).


Leading the service is Carina Juárez, who has worked at El Racó de Can Fabes  ★ ★ ★  (Santi Santamaria, Sant Celoni), El Celler de Can Roca ★ ★ ★ (Roca Brothers, Girona), and Hotel Mas Lazuli (Pau).


“Now, with the experience we have gained in worl-renowned restaurants, we invite you to discover and taste our cuisine. Our experiences and knowledge are reflected in every dish we serve with passion and art. We encourage you to explore the flavors and gastronomic creations that we offer at our restaurant in Roses.” Jordi and Carina.